Daily insights on BIGBANG

【CM】「J.ESTINA BAG × G-DRAGON 14 F/W」Making Film

【CONCERT】「2014 Taeyang Concert RISE in Seoul」Teaser

【NEWS】G-Dragon’s Twitter Daily Digest

【CM】Taeyang「CK One 20th Anniversary Commemoration in Beijing」 Photos

【NEWS】T.O.P 主演映画『タチャ-神の手-』劇場公開記念イベント&ライブビューイング決定!

【INTERVIEW】BIGBANG Still Not Satisfied with Efforts on Comeback Album – The Straits Times

【NEWS】BIGBANG ファンミーティング in SEOUL 受付スタート!!

【NEWS】Earn Chen’s Instagram Video Updates with G-Dragon

【NEWS】G-Dragon’s PHHHOTO Daily Digest

【CONCERT】『YG Family World Tour 2014 -POWER- in Singapore』Official Photos

【NEWS】Earn Chen’s Instagram Photo Update of G-Dragon

【NEWS】Ristorante Da Valentino’s Facebook Photos Update with BIGBANG

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